College Term Dates

Start and end dates for each of our campuses.

Fall 2020 August 19th –
December 19th
August 24th –
December 18th
August 24th –
December 21st
August 31st –
December 22nd
August 17th –
December 16th
Spring 2021 January 19th –
May 28th
January 25th –
May 21st
January 11th –
May 9th
February 16th –
June 15th
January 19th –
May 26th
Summer 2021 June 14th –
August 7th
June 14th –
July 22nd
May 25th –
August 2nd
June 21st –
August 13th
June 1st –
August 13th


*Please contact UB Admissions or your UB representative for more details.

New students may only begin during fall or spring term (except UB@SMC students may also start in Winter and Summer). All dates are subject to change.