Gain admission into UCLA as an international student

It’s tough getting admitted into UCLA, especially if you come from outside the USA. In 2022, international students applying for freshman admission to UCLA were accepted in only 5.7% of the cases.


University Bridge sends transfer students to UCLA every year.

We radically improve your odds of gaining admission into UCLA and other top 50 US universities through partnerships with community colleges.


If you choose to go the University Bridge route, you will study at UBridge @ Santa Monica College for the first two undergraduate years, during which time you will have help from a private advisor to help you gain admission into your dream university. 


Early on during your second year, you can apply for transfer admission into UCLA. Given the outstanding help and guidance provided by our personal, one-on-one advisors, 57% of UBridge transfer applicants to UCLA were accepted in 2022.


Our advisors were accepted to every UC school and have graduated from schools like UCLA and UC San Diego. UBridge’s CollegeCare program means you will get one-on-one assistance from your private advisor in-person and when you need them. Read on to learn more!

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As an international student

Your path to getting admitted into UCLA

Arrive in the USA

We will help from your entry visa to getting adjusted to life in the USA when you arrive. From housing and transportation to taking care of things like cell phones and internet bills and opening a bank account, we have you covered. You’ll just need to focus on your studies.

2 years at Santa Monica College

You’ll enroll in courses at UBridge @ Santa Monica College. You’ll have your UBridge counselor to guide you. If you already know where you want to go, we’ll help make sure you hit your target GPA.

Not entirely sure? We know the way and will strategize with you to find the best transfer university based on your interest and strengths.

Get admitted to UCLA

Transfer to the university you wanted to get admitted to and complete your undergraduate degree there. 57% of UBridge graduates who applied for transfer to UCLA were accepted, meaning that UBridge students are 10x more likely to be admitted than international freshman applicants!


Learn more about what it takes to get admitted to UCLA

Fall 2022 data shows that UCLA admitted 11% of freshmen applicants. The number for international applicants was even lower at 5.7%!

How can you improve your chances of getting admitted into UCLA?

In this video, Andrew Ullman explains what UCLA is looking for in international applicants, and how the University Bridge pathway works.

Admit rates

What does the data say about freshman admissions versus transfer admissions and how do you compare with admitted students?

Improving your chances

What UCLA is looking for, and how UBridge’s pathway programs work.

Case studies

Personalized stories about how two of UBridge’s students were accepted into UCLA.

Personalized advice

If you have questions after the video, feel free to connect with us through the chat on this webpage!

Want to learn about transfer pathways into UCLA and other top US universities? Don’t hesitate to contact us

Wondering how to get into UCLA? Improve your admissions chances as an international student


UCLA is a dream university for many students. How can you improve your chances of gaining admission through UBridge?