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University Bridge Enrollment Contract

1. Application of the Enrollment Contract


a.  Official Contract. By submitting your deposit, you are agreeing to this Enrollment Contract, which forms a legal contract between you and CollegeSolved, LLC (d/b/a University Bridge) (“University Bridge” “we” or “us”). By entering into this Enrollment Contract, the student promises to pay all charges, comply with due dates, and comply with policies, as described below. This Enrollment Contract should be read carefully and understood before submitting your deposit.  If the Enrollment Contract ever conflicts with another document or a promise made by a person at University Bridge, the Enrollment Contract will be the governing document and official contract.


b. Changes. University Bridge reserves the right to amend, or make changes to, this Enrollment Contract as needed. This Enrollment Contract, published on https://www.ubridge.org/terms-and-conditions/, shall supersede any printed version provided to the student.


c.Applicable Regulations. The University Bridge student’s registration and student’s legal status will be subject to all federal and state laws, and all students are responsible for knowing and abiding by all University Bridge and/or School policies, regulations, honor code, and the code of student conduct.


d. Other Organizations. University Bridge may hire other organizations to provide some of the services described in this Enrollment Contract without needing permission from the student.


2. Definitions


a. College Program means the college credit program at a partner institution for the length of time set forth in the Invoice (as defined below).


b. Language Program means an intensive English language program at a partner institution for the length of time set forth in the Invoice.


c. Program means the Language Program and/or the College Program.


d. School means a partner college or language program.


e. Start Date means August 1 for Fall intakes and January 1 for Spring intakes for the College Program and two weeks prior to the “Start of Classes” listed on the Form I-20, unless otherwise listed on the Invoice.


3.  Offer of Entrance, Deposit and Payment


a. Offer Letter. University Bridge will send an offer letter (the “Offer Letter”) to students who have been accepted into a Program. In order to accept the offer, the student must pay a deposit (the “Deposit”) as specified in the Offer Letter. At the point that the Deposit is paid, the student has entered into the Enrollment Contract with University Bridge.


i. A student is required to pay the Deposit directly to University Bridge before he or she can receive a Form I-20. A student accepted into University Bridge after a certain date must pay the Fees (as defined below) before a Form I-20 can be provided.

ii. The amount of the Deposit and Fees will be provided in the Offer Letter. The Fee is correct at the time of printing. University Bridge reserves the right to vary the Fee at any time without notice.

iii. Confirmation of Deposit. After receiving the Deposit, University Bridge will send an I-20 form (if applicable) and an invoice for the balance due.


b. University Bridge Program Payment.


i. All fees, charges and accounts are payable in advance, as determined by University Bridge. Students will not be permitted to commence or continue their Program at the beginning of any semester until all outstanding fees, charges and accounts are paid.

ii. The fees (the “Fees”) for the Program will be provided to the student in writing (the “Invoice”). The Fees will include the academic fee (the “Academic Fee”), housing fee (the “Housing Fee”), health insurance fee and any other fees and charges for the Program, as listed on the Invoice. The balance of the Fees, as provided for on the Invoice, must be paid at least one month prior to the start of the Program.

iii. Students must enroll for the length of the Program and are required to live in University Bridge housing, except for in certain circumstances approved by University Bridge.

iv. Students, who are accepted after a certain date, will not be required to pay a deposit but instead are required to pay the Fees in their entirety.

v. The payment of the Fees confirms the student’s enrollment and, if applicable, confirms the housing reservation.

vi. Students will not receive their pre-arrival information until all outstanding Fees are received.

vii. Students with outstanding balances will immediately be placed on hold (A) by University Bridge and may be barred from moving into, or continuing occupancy in, the accommodations, and (B) at the discretion of the School, may be placed on hold and may be barred from attending classes, until payment is made in full.

viii. Students with balances due after thirty (30) days are subject to a $500 late payment fee. In addition, University Bridge reserves the right to discontinue tuition payments for any student with an outstanding balance past due of thirty (30) or more days. University Bridge also reserves the right to terminate such student’s housing upon issuance of written notice to such student.

ix. Wire payments are recommended. Please refer to the instructions provided in your offer letter in order to make a wire transfer.


c. Participant Responsibility. The Fees do not encompass additional personal expenses, including but not limited to:


i. Costs associated with applying for a student visa;

ii. Personal spending money;

iii. Any additional medical or travel insurance or any costs associated with medical care;

iv. Food and meal costs;

v. Textbooks and other necessary school supplies;

vi. Airfare to and from U.S. domestic airport closest to the campus (a round trip ticket is encouraged);

vii. Extra costs for ESL courses, which may be required by a student whose English language proficiency is inadequate; and

viii. Tutoring costs provided by University Bridge.


4. Refund Policy


a. General


i. All refunds will be sent to the account of the individual or organization that originally paid the funds. This may be either the student or the University Bridge representative by whom the fees were originally paid. Refunds will be paid in the form of payment originally received (if possible).

ii. Refunds of any payments made to University Bridge can only be made to the account from which the payment was made originally. Proof of payment such as a receipt or a bank statement showing payment from that account must be produced for a refund to take place. Failure to do so may delay the refund severely or prevent it altogether.

iii. Refunds will not be paid via cash. University Bridge reserves the right not to accept any payment by cash at its own discretion.


b. Cancellation.


i. Rejection of Applicant by University Bridge or School: If an applicant is rejected for admission by University Bridge or a School a full refund of the Deposit or Fees paid will be made to the applicant.

ii. Rejection of Applicant for Visa: If a prospective international student has his/her visa application rejected prior to the Start Date, a full refund of all Deposit or Fees paid, less a $500 administrative fee (the “Administrative Fee”) will be made to the applicant. The applicant must provide proof of the visa refusal, such as a letter of rejection from a US Embassy or Consulate.

iii. Program Cancellation: If University Bridge or a School cancels a program subsequent to a student’s start date, University Bridge will refund all monies paid by the student.

iv. Cancellation Prior to the Start of Program: If an applicant accepted by University Bridge cancels (A) after having met visa entry requirements and (B) prior to the Start Date, University Bridge will refund all monies paid for the Program less the Housing Fee and the Administrative Fee.

v. Cancellation After Start Date: University Bridge will not refund any Fees or Deposits if the student cancels, withdraws, or is suspended or dismissed from any University Bridge Program on or after the Start Date. The Deposit paid for students in the Language Program is non-refundable after the Start Date of the Language Program, whether or not the student decides to continue with the College Program or not.


5. Student Behavior


a. Students are subject to the rules of the School that he or she attends. Students assume full responsibility for compliance. Students must adhere to all housing regulations and the code of conduct set by University Bridge. Rules governing alcohol, tobacco, controlled drugs and other serious offenses will be strictly enforced. Applicants are reminded that international students in the United States must comply with both the letter and the spirit of the law in order to retain valid student visas. Violations of such laws will render the participant liable for immediate dismissal from the program and repatriation to the home country, if not legal prosecution for violation of the laws of the state or federal jurisdictions involved. No refund of the Fees will be made in the event of dismissal or withdrawal, except as provided for under Refund Policy.


b. Students are expected to attend all classes, undertake all tests and examinations during a program, and abide by all rules and regulations of the School and University Bridge that are in force at any time. Failure to attend class, abide by rules and regulations of the School and University Bridge or maintain full-time status could result in termination of your SEVIS account and immediate dismissal from the Program and removal from the country.


c. Students seeking transfer between the date of initial arrival in the United States and the first day of classes may have their I-20 cancelled by the School, and no refunds will be granted.


d. Admission is subject to availability. Early application and payment is advised.


6. Housing. You are required to commit to a reservation in approved University Bridge housing during your full tenure at University Bridge. We will provide you with a housing contract prior to or during orientation containing the terms of your residency. Please be aware that we will only waive the housing requirement in extenuating circumstances.


7. Study Plan Changes. Upon arrival, students will be given placement examinations to assess their English language and math levels (as necessary). As a result, the length of study may be longer than originally anticipated, incurring extra costs for which the student will be responsible.


8. Progression


a. Progression in a Program, at the end of any given term, is dependent on successfully passing all courses in that term and necessary progression requirements. Students must take the courses set forth in University Bridge’s curriculum for the student’s Program in order to be eligible for certain transfers.


b. The School may have additional requirements for progression. These additional requirements will be reviewed during orientation. For purposes of the College Program, each transfer institution that participates in the guaranteed transfer program has its own requirements. Changes to the rules (including the minimum grade point average or other required courses and grades) are subject to the decision of the transfer institution and University Bridge will endeavor to update its students in a reasonable manner. Acceptance into a college or university after successfully completing University Bridge does not necessarily guarantee acceptance into a particular program of study.


9. Insurance: All students are required to be properly insured. Each School may have a preferred vendor who offers medical insurance to full-time students at an additional cost. Students are required to have renter’s insurance naming CollegeSolved, LLC as an additional beneficiary. University Bridge will provide students with participating insurers.


10. Damage and Liability


a. Any reference in this Enrollment Contract to liability of students shall also infer liability on the parent or financial sponsor, and such liability is joint and several.


b. Students are responsible for payment for any damage caused by them to CollegeSolved, LLC (d/b/a University Bridge), any School, the housing or other property, including fixtures and fittings in University Bridge accommodations. Occupants of shared accommodations are jointly and severally liable for any such damage caused to the housing or other property in University Bridge accommodations. University Bridge reserves the right to recover costs for damage or exceptional cleaning.


11. Withdrawal/Variation of Degree Programs.

a. If, after a University Bridge applicant has indicated an intention to progress into a particular degree program, but prior to the student completing University Bridge, the partner college discontinues the nominated degree program, the student may either: (1) withdraw without liability for fees other than the non-refundable administrative fee for University Bridge, or (2) transfer to such other program (if any) as may be offered by University Bridge for which the student is qualified. If in these circumstances the student wishes to withdraw from the partner college and to enroll in a course at a different institution, University Bridge shall use its reasonable endeavors to assist the student.


b. Once the student has commenced the first semester at a partner college, if: (a) such college’s ability to deliver programs or other services in accordance with the descriptions provided is compromised by circumstances beyond the control of such college (e.g. third party industrial action), University Bridge will use all reasonable endeavors to minimize disruption as far as it is practical to do so; (b) the program is cancelled or substantially varied from that described in the prospectus for reasons other than circumstances beyond the college’s reasonable control, University Bridge will use reasonable endeavors to provide a suitable replacement program, but cannot guarantee to do so. If the student does not wish to accept the replacement program, the student shall be entitled to withdraw from the Program. In the event of such withdrawal University Bridge shall make an appropriate refund of fees. Depending on the point at which the withdrawal takes place, University Bridge reserves the right to retain fees or charges to cover the tuition, housing, or services that the student has actually received.


12. Applying for a Visa.


a. Once a student has sent the Deposit, he or she will be provided with a Form I-20 from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), issued by the School.A Form I-20 is required to start the process of obtaining a student visa to enter the United States.


b. All students are encouraged to apply for their visa as soon as possible, and notify University Bridge directly once your visa status is known. Students should notify University Bridge when they have made an appointment and about the outcome of that appointment by emailing [email protected] from the email address on file with University Bridge as provided on their application.


c. International students must be enrolled full time to maintain their student visa. Students in the College Program must be enrolled in courses worth a total of 12 credits or more per semester during the fall or spring semester. Students in the Language Program must take a full-time intensive English course. University Bridge requires that students enroll in all courses set by University Bridge for the participant’s major. Student visas are usually issued for the duration of University Bridge. Students wishing to extend their visa should first consult the School for assistance.


13. Late Arrival. All students are expected to arrive and start their Program on the scheduled start date. All late arrivals must be approved in advance and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. No deposits, tuition, accommodation costs, or any other part of the Fees will be refunded for late arrivals (late arrival fees may apply). NOTE: there are strict deadlines for starting University Bridge. An unapproved late arrival may result in the student being unable to attend classes for the term, and may also require that the student return to his/her country until the next year. In addition, students who arrive late may not be eligible for airport pickups or other University Bridge activities.


14. Program Admission.


a. Students are accepted in good faith into their Program on the basis of the certification they provide to meet the admissions criteria. If, however, the results from the tests and assessment procedures upon arrival provide clear evidence that a student’s actual level of English language or academic proficiency is significantly different than the one claimed and is lower than the one required for their Program, then the student will be formally advised of the results and of applicable options. Students need to be aware that if an alternative study plan is advised, there may be a significant change in study time and expenditure with regard to tuition and accommodation fees.


b. A student, either individually or through his/her representative, who has submitted any documentation or certification to meet the admissions criteria which is later found to have been falsified may be subject to immediate dismissal from University Bridge and will receive no refund of the Deposit or Fees.


15. Publicity. Students (and their parents or guardians, where applicable) agree that their images and sound, details and achievements (including academic results) may be used in any media for promotional purposes without written consent or notification. This includes permission to pass them on to third parties (agents, publications, etc.) at our discretion as long as the images are used to publicize University Bridge programs.


16. Student Information. In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), the student permits University Bridge and the School to disclose personally identifiable information, including information pertaining to student’s application, educational records, and financial information, to student’s parent(s), guardian(s), sponsor(s), sponsorship bodies, and recruiter(s). These permissions remain in effect during the student’s entire tenure at the School and include permission to provide information about academic progress, course grades and grade point average, as well as attendance records and conduct violations.


17. Force Majeure. Neither University Bridge nor the School is liable in cases where such party is unable to fulfill any services because of fire, natural disaster, national emergency, act of government, acts of war or terrorism, failure of suppliers or subcontractors, labor disputes or any other reasons which are beyond such party’s control.


18. Communication. Please supply University Bridge with personal e-mail addresses and mobile/cell numbers prior to arrival, in order that communication, to include transmission of student reports, may be maintained at all times. Please also advise of any changes as they occur.


19. Tuition, Housing and Fees


a. Tuition: University Bridge is responsible for the payment of tuition to the School based on the courses provided in the established curriculum (or as agreed to by University Bridge). Such payment will be made in a timely manner, as arranged between the School and University Bridge. Such payment will be made on behalf of each enrolled student, in good standing with University Bridge. Should questions or issues arise, students and families may contact University Bridge at [email protected].


b. Housing: University Bridge will provide housing to participants of University Bridge who are in good standing. Housing is available for each semester that a student is studying with University Bridge and remains in good standing. University Bridge allows certain limited exceptions to the housing requirement and reserves the right to deny any exceptions. Any payments to third parties related to such housing shall be the responsibility of University Bridge and shall be made in a timely manner, as arranged between University Bridge and such third party. Should questions or issues arise, students and families may contact University Bridge at [email protected].


c. Fees: Any other fees or costs associated with University Bridge which are the responsibility of University Bridge shall be made in a timely basis on behalf of students who are in good standing with University Bridge.
This Enrollment Contract is governed by the laws of the United States and the Commonwealth of Virginia.